A Family Affair

Ready for a Splashing Good Time?

Beat the heat by taking a well-deserved trip to the waterpark to cool down with your family! To make things easier for you, we checked with some parents we know and here are their tips on what you should do to ensure that everything goes smoothly at the park.

1. Plan ahead of time

Find out the list of rides and their requirements such as the minimum height and age from the website of the park before you leave your house and figure out which ones are suitable for you or your kids. This will save you some time and allows you to head straight to the desired rides without a hitch.

2. Check the policies

Read up on the park’s policies to find out in advance if you are allowed to bring in your own food and drinks. If it is permissible, bring snacks to munch on and plenty of water to keep you and the kids well hydrated under the hot sun. Do check the park’s policy on clothes and find out the recommended swimming attire to ensure that you are appropriately dressed. For infants and toddlers, swim diapers are usually required, so make sure to bring one! To skip the hassle of changing in and out of your clothes, come to the park dressed in swimsuits instead.

WWW Hires 1 - Ular-lahPhoto by Wild Wild Wet

3. Pack only the essentials

Bring enough towels, clothes and most importantly, sunscreen! Remember to lather sunscreen on your child’s feet too, as it tends to wear off faster than any other place. While these items will probably be safe to leave on pool chairs and tables, it is advisable to leave your valuables at home, or in a locker. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to keep an eye on your valuables and your kids at the same time. Instead, you can just focus on having a splashing time! You can find out where the lockers are located from the park’s website and navigate your way there in a breeze. Don’t forget to bring small change for the lockers!

4. Get there early

To beat the crowd and enjoy the attractions without having to queue for long, find out the opening hours of the park and arrive when it opens. This way, you can also nab pool chairs with umbrellas, which will be good to keep your children away from the harshness of the sun!

IMG_1025 Photo by Port of Lost Wonder

5. Have a contingency plan

We know it may be difficult to keep an eye on your kids all the time, so take a picture of your child in their swimming attire before letting them run free as it will make it easier to find them if they get lost. You can also come up with a common meeting place in advance, just in case you and your kids get separated at the park.

6. Take a break

With the exhilarating rides and slides at the park, small children can get tired easily when playing in the water. To rejuvenate your kids and yourself, take short breaks once every hour to replenish fluids, nibble on snacks, and visit the bathroom. If your child tends to nap on busy days, you can also consider bringing a stroller or sufficient dry towels to provide a napping place.

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