Weekend Crusaders: Roz Pho & Jemma Wei
Weekend Crusaders

Exploring Singapore with Roz Pho and Jemma Wei

When we first met hosts of Hype Hunt on Clicknetwork, Roz Pho and Jemma Wei, it was evident they share a chemistry with each other. Quirky, bubbly and funny, we spent the afternoon with this month’s #WeekendCrusaders at National Gallery Singapore and chatted about their ideal long weekend. What’s yours?


On what their weekends are like:

Roz: For the weekends, we try to do something physical as well because when you eat you don’t move much, and I’m a sporty person – I haven’t gone in a while but I’ve been to trampoline parks, rock climbing. there’s one in Jurong, one in Katong and River Valley. There’s even dodgeball, slack line, and basketball.

Jemma: Last week we did cat yoga – yoga in a cat cafe (Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa) and cats will play with you. We also did indoor skiing and snowboarding. If you wanna see more you can go to our Youtube channel. *laughs*

PS. Cafe (Dempsey)_HR_07 copyP.S. Cafe at Dempsey Hill

Jemma: I would go to a cafe at the CBD, then walk to the Singapore Flyer from the Helix Bridge – it’s very iconic, very beautiful. You can also go down to the coffee areas at Tanjong Pagar, and grab a bite there.

Roz: I cater it to the person who’s coming. so if they’re really chill and don’t drink much, I start the day off for brunch. Singapore is very fast paced but there are places you can relax. I really love going to Dempsey Hill because there are all sorts of bars, cafes, and it’s all green. Great for a picnic.

If they’re sporty I’d bring them for rockclimbing, sports … we’d go for hippy trips. We went on a boat, 60 of us, to Sisters’ Island, and brought everything from huge speakers, chairs, hoops, and yoga mats. The island was beautiful. The public boat ride cost $2 (from 8am). The one I took was from Marina South Pier.

Haji Lane from SGTML 2016Haji Lane

Roz: I do like to take my friends to Haji Lane, and it’s very refreshing as I was away for 5 years. It’s an eye opener. There this bar I like to go there because of the band who’s playing. It’s about who’s hanging out there, not what’s there that creates the vibe. The bar is called Going OM in Haji Lane but I do like BAR Stories at 57A Haji Lane Singapore (too). It’s so cozy and if everyone’s going for a big night out, you can book the place for unlimited drinks, for about 50 people. The cocktails are amazing.

IMG_0570 copySingapore Botanic Gardens

Roz: You can also do walks.

Jemma: Nobody walks in Singapore, so hot man.

Roz: Yes they do! There are so many people who do! Kranji Countryside just opened a tour (farm trails), and you can go to marshes, swamp areas, a lot of greenery. You can go to Changi Board Walk. There’s Hort Park and Henderson Wave Bridge.
You see Singapore from a different view and you usually see Singapore as a concrete jungle, but when you do that, the buildings are from afar, and it just feels so nice.

Jemma: Coney Island just opened. Haven’t been there yet though.

Roz: My friends and I go to Singapore Botanic Gardens for a picnic and bring a boombox, and hang out the whole day.


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