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Words of Wisdom from a Happy Mum

Travelling with kids can be tough – even if it’s just to the supermarket and back. You’ve probably caught yourself wondering, “How am I going to make this trip with my children fuss-free and full of fun?”

We’ve had similar worries too, which is why we spoke to Summer Goh, the woman behind parenting blog A Happy Mum. Our chat with this Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Best Family Blog finalist gave us some insight into we can all manage to make travels with our kids a success.

Photo by Summer Goh.
Photo by Summer Goh.

Let your kids do things they enjoy
Summer told us that she and her husband like bringing their children to nature reserves, parks, playgrounds, and zoos. This works great for her children as they enjoy interacting with bugs and animals, making outdoor destinations the best choice for their family’s recreational activities.

“They love activities like observing mudskippers, catching hermit crabs, feeding giraffes, chasing grasshoppers and so on. They also like to run and bounce around since they always seem to have an abundance of energy, so we like to play catch, outdoor games or just go jogging. They also love to sweat it out, splash around, get wet and dirty and just have a wild time!”

Her family’s favourite recreational hangout spots include places like the Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Night Safari, Pulau Ubin, Coney Island Park, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, Pasir Ris Park and East Coast beach.

Photo by Summer Goh.
Photo by Summer Goh.

Go with the flow
When it comes to family outings, Summer said “We are a very spontaneous family so we don’t usually plan our weekends. I keep a lookout for new and upcoming attractions around the island so that we have new places to explore.”

Being a parenting blogger has its perks because they usually get media invites to a handful of kid-friendly places whenever something new is launched. Sometimes, they turn to fellow bloggers for more ideas and inspiration. So now you know – keep up with the bloggers to get family trip tips!

Photo by Summer Goh.
Photo by Summer Goh.

Involve the children in the decision-making process
Picking the perfect place for wholesome family can be a difficult, especially when overwhelmed with choices. Summer said their family usually avoids overcrowded places simply because it makes it harder for the kids to have a good time.

“Price is also a concern but as far as I see it, many of the best places for kids to play in are for free, like museums, parks, or beaches,” she said.

“I also try to look for places which have activities or facilities to cater to the different ages of my kids, since the eldest is 6 years old while the youngest is only 6 months.”

Sometimes, the decision-makers are her kids! “It’s good to let them have a say and I think they will enjoy the outing much better too if they were the ones who chose the destination,” she explained.

Photo by Summer Goh.
Photo by Summer Goh.

Most importantly – stay calm and have plenty of fun
“Our parenting style stems from the fact that we became parents in Scandinavia, which paved the way for our so-called more Zen, relaxed and liberal way of thinking,” she said.

This is why she believes that instead of planning every last detail and stressing out about keeping to routines, the key to a happy holiday is to stay calm, be flexible and always think positive thoughts.

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