A Family Affair

Travelling with Kids: Discover with Your Family

A family vacation isn’t just a getaway with your nearest and dearest, it’s also a great time for you to learn and grow together. When you take the time out to go on a trip and discover new things with the whole family, it makes the journey all the more meaningful!

But how exactly does exploration and discovery benefit your family? Let’s find out!


Learn and develop new skills

Embarking on adventures opens you up to experiences that can help you grow, and pick up new knowledge and skills. When you try something for the first time – whether it’s interacting with wild animals, or staying in a new place – you can develop new skills that may eventually influence your daily actions. Over time, as you continue exercising these skills, you will be able to do things more quickly and easily. Say for example, you put your young children in charge of picking out their own outfits during the vacation. As they get used to this habit, they soon start dressing themselves more quickly and will rely less on you for help with their wardrobe.


Boost self-esteem

Picking up new ideas and lessons throughout your trip helps improve your self-esteem as you begin to understand more things. This form of continuous learning and mastering skills through daily practice helps you succeed at the things you work hard to achieve. And with every accomplishment made, you are able to build your confidence! Isn’t that a great feeling? So take yourself and your kids someplace where you can explore a new unknown with your family – the zoo, perhaps? Let your children feed the animals and teach them about various animal traits. Quiz them on what they remember and make it a point to cheer them on when they dare to do something different like feed a tiger or go rock-climbing! As you end the day on a high note, you’ll be able to leave with the knowledge that you have all picked up something useful while having a great time together.


Grow closer as a family

Planning a holiday with your family provides more opportunities for your family to create more precious shared memories that you can cherish forever. Developing a new skill is always a bonus, and it is even more enjoyable when you do it with your adorable kids who share in the fun and laughter! Soon, the days where your children value their independence and privacy over shared moments will be upon you, so treasure all the quality time you get to spend together. All this time spent together not only builds closer familial ties, but also helps your children feel more secure and confident about your love, which strengthens their emotional health.

It’s time to get busy discovering!





Fragile Forest, Singapore Zoo (Map)

80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

How about bringing your kids to be part of Singapore Zoo’s Fragile Forest Behind-the-Scenes programme? Your children (and you) will get the chance to learn how to breed and maintain the insect population!


Amazon Flooded Forest, River Safari (Map)

80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Meet the manatees at River Safari’s Amazon Flooded Forest! Your kids can say hello to Canola and her manatee friends, and also learn how their survival is essential to the environment.


Digital Dance Studio, Singapore Discovery Centre (Map)

510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365

Bop to the beat at Digital Dance Studio! Here, your child will have a fun time learning the dances of Singapore’s various ethnicities, while getting a musical workout at the same time.


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