Havent Been There Havent Done that

(Haven’t) Been There, (Haven’t) Done That: A Different Kind of Meal

Why not have lunch among felines, or perhaps a meal in a jar, or maybe as part of an unfolding mystery? Here are three interesting ways to add a little spice to your usual eat-out routine.

The Company of Cats

Photo by The Company of Cats

As the name would suggest, you will have your meal while basking in the company of cats. Located in Chinatown, this cat café’s residents are all rescues with the café being their home. Owner Tay Shuyun strives to raise awareness on animal welfare, while donating part of the café’s profits to Animal Lovers League (ALL).

Photo by The Company of Cats

On their menu are coffees made with coffee beans sourced from local gourmet coffee roasters Highlander Coffee and hot pocket toasties with mouth-watering fillings like Chicken Bak Kwa & Cheese, and Caramelised Onion & Cheese.They also have a selection of light meals available which are all pork-free.

Photo by The Company of Cats

If you wish to play with the cats, it is SGD14 (inclusive of a soft drink) for the first hour and SGD5 for each subsequent half hour. Come enjoy a delicious toastie and a cup of coffee at this socially-conscious café with The Company of Cats.

Address: 6B Mosque Street, 059486

Tel:  +65 6220 3835

Email: hello@thecompanyofcats.sg



The mason jar is known as a hipster staple and the ubiquitous medium is the star of Jar’d – Singapore’s first ever mason jar salad bar. Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

Photo by Nicholas Yeam

The salads aren’t just beautiful to look at, the simplicity of how they are packed also help keep them fresh. Dressing and protein go in first, then everything else goes in the middle with the greens at the top.

Photo by Nicholas Yeam

Available in either 750ml or 1 litre jars, the choices of Tuna Tataki, Roast Chicken & Pesto, Vegan Zoodle Pad Thai, and Quinoa & Feta offer deliciously healthy lunch options on-the-go. Stop byJar’d, where with a quick shake of the jar, lunch is served!

Address: B1-38 Tower 1 One Raffles Place, 048616

Email: hey@jar-d.co



Eating is fun but add in a splash of drama and you’re in for an interesting time. Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture of London, founders of ANDSOFORTH, Stuart Wee and Emily Png take the phrase, “dinner and a show” and drop you right into the show part.


ANDSOFORTH gives you a theatrical dining experience shrouded in mystery, with 5 unique stories under their belt so far. Everything from the location to the meals served is kept secret until the actual event. The dishes are also created in accordance to the theme of the dinners – think Mee Siam for when diners traveled back to vintage Singapore and 12-hour slow cooked beef cheek for a Hollywood-esque venture into the universe.


Their current event is entitled, “The Spy, The Thug, His Wife, Her Lover” and seems to carry a theme of espionage with elements of a prison break-out, the extracting of information, and the concealment of identities.


Interested? Here’s how to sign up. Book at ticket at their website, keep your phone close and look out for The Initiation. Follow the instructions to The Location, look out for The Clue and then let The Feast begin!


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