A Family Affair

Making Vacations With Kids Easier

Travelling as a family can be fun, but also exhilarating, especially when there are young children involved. As much as the thought of shrieking kids, sleepless nights and countless toilet breaks may make you feel wary, don’t let it stop you from making memories with your loved ones. They will remember it for life. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help make your family trip easier.

Photo by Calvin Chan.

1. Plan ahead by making an itinerary

It’s always important to plan ahead. It gets you mentally and physically prepared for what to expect during the trips. Make a fun-filled itinerary for the family and stick to it. Kids are habitual creatures who love following orders and schedules. Fill up their schedule with fun, action-packed activities so that when night comes, they’ll be sound asleep and you’ll finally have some to relax and unwind.

Photo by PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road.

2. Separate Your Sleeping Areas

As dubious as this may sound, book separate rooms for you and your kids, but keep them near and accessible. Choose one-or-two bedroom suites or two hotel rooms connected with an adjoining door. It may cost you more but a good night’s sleep is crucial to make your family trip successful. If you want to watch a movie or have a chat with your other half, you’ll be grateful that you can turn up the volume of the television or talk as loud as you can without disturbing the exhausted little ones. Here are some hotels that offer family suites or adjoining rooms: Resorts World Sentosa Festive Hotel, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, and York Hotel Singapore.

Photo by Flor Patisserie.

3. Keep the Sugar to a Minimum

Don’t feed too much sugar to the little ones, or you’ll destroy the entire trip with kids being too hyped up from the excessive sugar. Kids love sugar and it is known that sugar increases endorphins that will boost their mood. It is great to order some desserts that the whole family can share. This way, you’ll be able to control their sugar intake. Be aware of timing as well. Never feed them sugar at night or you’ll be spending the whole night taming the little monsters.

4. Rent Equipment and Lighten Your Luggage

Do you know that most popular travel destinations provide rental services for equipment such as baby strollers, car seats, and high chairs to families travelling with babies and toddlers? Do your research online to find the most affordable package to get the equipment to accommodate your children. Remember to find a local business with good reviews, so that you can keep your trip easy and hassle free.

5. Slow Down and Breathe

A child’s stamina isn’t the same as an adult’s. They tend to get tired, frustrated and make a fuss sooner than you can imagine, so slow down. Plan big, action-packed activities in the morning when everyone is fresh and energetic then move on to calmer activities throughout the day. Don’t forget to slot in some break time in between to get some rest and light refreshments. Your kids will thank you by being calm and happy throughout the trip.

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