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Burger Battle: The Three Most Substantial Halal Burger Choices in Singapore

Your trip to Singapore wouldn’t feel complete without a mandatory trip to Kampong Glam. Just like its name, a visit to Kampong Glam is an experience that is uniquely Singaporean – full of richness that bears an exceptional charm. This is your chance to explore the culture and heritage of the Malay ethnic and Muslim community in Singapore, get spoiled with choices of gifts to take home, and most importantly – fill up your hungry tummy after a whole day of sightseeing.

From Padang cuisine to Middle Eastern food, Kampong Glam has it all. It’s astonishing to see the appearance of growing independent cafes in the area, serving Western food menu for those who want to enjoy their favorite comfort food such as burger, French fries, and pasta. Some of these cafes even take pride in having Halal burgers as their menu’s signature items.

Yes, the choices of Halal burgers at Kampong Glam will make your mouth water. With homemade patty that’s juicy, spread with tasty sauces, and stuffed between toasted buns, with French fries on the side. We have eaten them all and these are our top three choices for the best Halal burgers not just in Kampong Glam, but possibly the entire Singapore.

(working title)

Photo by (working title).

(working title) is not a typing error but a hostel with a bed and breakfast upstairs, which was later reinvented as an extension cafe with the concept of a burger bar. Located on Arab Street, (working title) offers 13 variations of different flavored burgers for burger lovers – from burgers that burn with spiciness (El Spicy Sombrero) to fusion burger recipes that combine classic and traditional elements such as bacon and satay sauce (Dangerous), a dish that’s definitely not playing around.

Photo by (working title).

For those who are really famished, you can try their signature burger: The Working Title Tower of Power. Living up to its name, this burger has all the fresh and homemade ingredients stacked like a tower with two pieces of patties marinated and grilled to perfection, cheese, BBQ sauce, salad, and tomato, stuffed between two pieces of brioche buns – this surely isn’t the burger for those on a diet.

Not to be forgotten are their variety of sandwiches, side dishes and beverages that lives up to the hype of their burgers. (working title) successfully captures our attention with unique and scrumptious side dishes such as the Ribena Wings (chicken wings cooked with Ribena reduction) and Dirty Bandung Latte (hot bandung latte with a shot of espresso).

Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State

Photo by Kaw Kaw SG.

For Malaysians who enjoy “burger bakar”, they are certainly familiar with Kaw Kaw SG. Introduced by Makan State for burger lovers in Singapore, Kaw Kaw SG adapted the same “burger bakar” concept from Malaysia that matches up to its original quality. To make it special, Kaw Kaw SG brings a whole new world in its burger menu that is different for Singaporeans, yet equally tasty.

Those who travel in big groups or with family members should definitely stop by Kaw Kaw SG that operates at Aliwal Arts Centre. The shop is certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) and is known for introducing various “burger bakar” meat choices in its impressive recipes such as beef, mutton, chicken, and even shrimp and fish.

Photo by Kaw Kaw SG.

With only a mere glance at Kaw Kaw SG’s menu, your eyes will immediately be held captive by The Permaisuri burger. Different from other à la carte cafes, The Permaisuri is one of the burgers that isn’t of beef or mutton that came close to being the champion during our mission to search for the best Halal burger in Singapore.

The Permaisuri is the most ideal for burger lovers who go crazy over fried chicken. Now, imagine chicken breasts frittered with flour and fried using southern-style cooking method, served with salad, onions and the softest buns. Then, a special Permaisuri sauce that is actually a masak lemak cili padi-inspired sauce, drizzled to create a one-of-a-kind fusion burger. For those who want to add more zing to your burger, serve it along with French fries and truffles (Truffle Fries) that are seldom available as Halal! Don’t believe us? Just give it a try!

The Lab SG

Photo by The Lab SG.

Stepping inside The Lab situated along Jalan Pisang, you will immediately feel a rough industrial aura in its interior that comes off as glaringly hip and Instagram-worthy. As stated in their slogan “We Experiment”, The Lab features a concept café with a menu that’s created from their desire to experiment with ingredients, taste, and showmanship. With that in mind, the menu was designed with choices inspired from popular culture from classic western food to beverages such as burgers, chicken wings, milkshakes, and so much more. Nonetheless, what’s good is an amazing concept if the food doesn’t compare, right?

Photo by The Lab SG.

We tried The Lab’s signature burger named Heisenburger, which was evidently inspired by the famous Hollywood drama series – Breaking Bad. The ingredients alongside the aesthetic of Heisenburger can only be described as loaded – homemade beef patty, bacon, mayonnaise sauce, white onion, blue cheese serve with fried yam as fries – and with just a bite of it, you can feel an evenly blended explosive yet unique taste bursting in your mouth.

Photo by The Lab SG.

If you are looking for an alternative that tastes and looks as good as the Heisenburger, you can also try out Burger Stack that is made up of homemade beef patty with Portobello mushrooms, salad, and a mixture of cheese such as cheddar cheese sauce and blue Danish cheese. Even though it’s topped off with a bunch of cheese, the Portobello mushroom evens out the unusual taste of this burger. Burger lovers should not miss out on the Burger Stack!

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