Flavours of the World Unite in Singapore

As a world-class metropolis and centre of Southeast Asia’s economy, Singapore has become one of the region’s main attractions, not only among people from other parts of the world looking to come to the island for a vacation, but also among those looking to find opportunity in the city thus calling Singapore their new home for the country’s economic and political stability. Singapore is indeed a true melting pot. Everywhere you are in Singapore, you’ll easily come across someone from another part of the globe with his or her own personal story. The same can be said where food is concerned. The more diverse the cultures are, the more flavours would come together, and here in Singapore, different flavours of the world have come together for good, bringing you the opportunity to taste and get to know other cultures through their culinary offerings.

We listed out three of the best restaurants known for representing their home country’s particular style of cooking for you to check out the next time you’re in Singapore. Interestingly, all three restaurants are located within the heart of the city, popular among tourists and the people of Singapore – Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay Sands. That’s not all. These restaurants are certified Halal by the Islamic Religion Council of Singapore (MUIS), so you can enjoy these tasty fares from Japan, Sweden, and the United States without hesitation.

Santaro by Gion (Japan)

Photo by Santaro by Gion.

If you’re a fan of authentic Japanese cuisine, finding a premium status Halal Japanese restaurant is not easy. And as a true fan, a common dream would be to experience an omakase, where chefs curate the dishes for you to enjoy. However, your chances for a Halal omakase experience is almost always slim to none. So when high-end Japanese restaurant, Santaro by Gion announced that it has received Halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore or MUIS in 2015, it has allowed more Japanese food lovers to begin experiencing this unique culinary experience. Currently operating at Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar Road, about 15 minutes away from Marina Bay Sands, Santaro by Gion offers a vast selection of premium Japanese cuisine including variations of sushi, sashimi, Japanese noodles (udon, ramen, soba), donburi, tempura, and more. There is also a small area that’s been converted to a prayer room making it very convenient for those wanting to perform solat.

Fika Café (Sweden)

From Japan, we move on to Sweden. Introducing Fika Café, the world’s only Halal Swedish café serving authentic Swedish cuisine here in Singapore. Located at Beach Road and OneKM, Fika offers two menu selections of their à la carte staples as well as a seasonal menu that’s being changed every season to highlight seasonal cuisine in Sweden. Hearty and wholesome, Swedish cuisine might appear simple and minimal on the eye, but creating them requires thorough understanding of its culinary technique, a great amount of fresh and quality locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love and passion. Try Fika’s Gravlax Sandwich for an explosion of flavours in a homemade rye sandwich, and their signature Swedish meatballs – combining homemade meatballs paired with potatoes, lingonberry jam, and creamy brown sauce for a true hearty meal like you never had before.

Wing Zone (USA)

When snacks are concerned, the Americans love nothing more than their chicken wings. Seeing the growing popularity and global acceptance of American classic buffalo wings, Atlanta-based restaurant chain, Wing Zone decided to open their first Singapore Outlet at Bugis Junction. Interestingly, this restaurant is Halal certified too. Wing Zone carries 13 variations of flavours called the Flavour Zone. From spicy Nuclear Habanero to classic Buffalo Bliss; sweet and tasty flavour of Cinnamon Maple to Asian favourite, Sweet Samurai – Wing Zone wants you to experience chicken wings’ truest potential that goes beyond the idea of just buffalo-sauced wings.


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